"what genre is twenty one pilots?"



just when i thought i was ok

we’re broken people l-/


What’s your career Plan B?

fall out boy fandom: hey panic fans what up
panic! at the disco fandom: oh not much just the usual
*rumbling in the distance*
fall out boy fandom: wait-
panic! at the disco fandom: what's that?
21p fans: hang on a second
hardcore bandoms in the distance: hey guys do you hear that too?
paramore fans: oh no
cobra starship fandom: it can't be
mcrmy: *screaming*
mcrmy: FAKE
mcrmy: YOUR

I love cats so much

Josh Dun probably (via toastyonepilots)


Important Tyler tweets



LIVING THINGS: Singles Artworks


So I was shooting Alesana tonight in Baltimore when this girl nearly fell on top of my head after crowd surfing (shame on the venue, there was no security to catch her! She could have gotten hurt!) Anyways, after she did that, Dennis from Alesana gave her a huge hug and a kiss on the head. I happened to be in a good spot to catch the moment and I really want to get this photo to her somehow. If you could reblog this photo in hopes that someone who knows her will find it and tell her, please please please do!